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What is Poker?

Traditionally, poker has been intended as a game for two to seven players, the more the better, with 6 or 7 being the ideal number.

However, it should be noted that some variants can be played by more than seven, and some versions work well for a small number of players – even with only two players (”heads-up”). Given and the game is conducted clockwise.

Poker is normally played for money, but it is convenient to use chips to represent money during the game itself. These are generally available in different denominations, sometimes marked with numbers such as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and sometimes in colors such as white, red, blue whose values must be determined.

Players can buy chips from the host before the game and redeem them for money at the end.

Poker With Friends Online 👑

Are you searching for the top poker site in order to play poker with friends online at home? Just imagine having your own personal online Poker Club, only for you & your friends. A platform, where you can assemble your personal private poker games whensoever you wish to play!

It is named Home Games. It is free to play or you can also play with real money and it is really simple to set up. Simply log in to one of our recommended online poker sites and then follow the simple steps as instructed to get started.

You & your friends can join in online poker to play cash games and tournaments as well as earn great returns in the amazing poker bonus systems, casino bonus system and huge cash prizes. A secluded table feature is likewise available which permits you to form your private game table to play online poker with friends where one can invite their friends to play free as well as real cash games.

In case you’re a beginner at home games, you can play the freeroll online with friends without spending a single penny. You & your friends can acquire a lot regarding poker language, terminology, betting rules, and table positions by playing the freeroll poker online with friends. 

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At Modeltheme, we show only the best websites and portfolios built completely
with passion, simplicity & creativity !

Home Games With Friends 


In this home game, creating a free-of-cost private poker table is easy with just a single click. Then all you have to do is to share your 4 digits code to invite your friends for the home game with all your friends that you wish to play with. Isn’t it simple!



Click on “Find Game” as well as type in your unique 4 digits code for the game to connect with the poker with friends online private table. Perhaps the easiest setup for poker ever. No?



Certainly, for real. You are prepared to play poker online with your friends. Neither further setup required nor needed to buy any poker chips. All is comprised. Have fun by playing the game of poker!

Poker Cheat Sheet

A ”poker cheat sheet” is a reference document or card used by some players in the game of poker to help them make decisions during the game. It usually contains information about poker hand rankings, odds and basic strategies. This poker cheat sheet can help you massively when playing poker with friends online.

Here are some common elements that can be found on a poker ”cheat sheet:

♣️ Hand Rankings: A list of poker hand rankings from highest to lowest, so players can quickly identify the strength of their hand.

♣️ Basic Odds: Information about the odds of completing certain poker hands, such as drawing a flush or a straight.

♣️ Starting Hands: Suggestions for which starting hands are generally considered strong or weak, especially in Texas Hold’em.

♣️ Positional Play: Tips on how to adjust your strategy based on your position at the poker table.

♣️ Common Poker Terms: Definitions of common poker slang terms so players can understand the language of the game.

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